Wealth, Materialism and Spirituality

by abstruseblog

Even a person with mediocre intelligence can observe the unfair distribution of wealth in human society.
On the one hand, people with limited ability and talent inherit billions of dollars, while more skilled
workers have to suffer for each and every nickel. The fact of the matter is that being wealthy has little to
do with your family background, academic qualifications, technical skills or the place you live in, because
money will find you irrespective of your profile.

Many devout Christians are often told that living a materialistic life will only make them deviate from
the right path laid down by Jesus Christ. However, many Christians who shun material wealth are
ignorant of the fact that the Holy Bible has declared that it is the will of God to grant wealth to His men.
It is purely a myth that Christianity discourages people to attract material wealth and references in this
regard are available in Bible. For instance, in John 10:10, Jesus clearly encourages his followers to reap
the worldly benefits of this life by saying: “I am come that you might have life and that you might have it
more than abundant.”

Mentioning ‘the Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace D. Wattles is essential in this regard as ever since
1910 this book has influenced the minds of ordinary people. The first chapter of this monumental book
contains great insights into human nature and Man’s need for wealth, including topics on the law of attraction.

Wattles believes that while most people often commit the mistake of romanticizing poverty the fact is
that you cannot claim to be successful if you are poor. In order to fulfill your potential and use your in-
built talents to the fullest extent you need to be able to use different resources and that only becomes
possible if you are reasonably rich.

Wallace D. Wattace makes the argument that the most fundamental right of all human beings is to live
freely and this cannot be fulfilled if you cannot exercise freedom in using wealth and resources to fulfill
your potential. It is in our in-born nature to seek bigger and better things and not to be content with
little. It is this fundamental principle that has kept the wheel of humanity moving for thousands of years.
Anything that can make us stronger, more powerful and more loved must be pursued by us.

Wattace is of the opinion that it is wrong to feel guilt if you wish to get richer because in essence you are
only seeking a richer life that allows you to use different amenities and resources in abundance. When
you think of it, the thought of getting rich is quite noble and anyone who detests wealth is actually
showing abnormal behavior. Read more at www.abstruse.net/law-of-attraction/